A long Awaited Post

My littlest man is not soo little anymore 13 months and super busy!

Its been a while...

I dont know if it is just the photography page that is consuming my little bit of blogging time or the fact of i have a 10 month old who now walks. It has been a rather crazy month. So let me share some pictures!

^The start of walking^
^being Goofs^
^Building Lego soo smart for 9months^
^its almost gross^

Lets Talk about the Boys!

Well it is here my 6 weeks of enjoying being a mum has passed...Axel is ever changing everyday! He is all smiles and starting to coo. Which is utterly amazing. Its amazing to see how different Axel is from how Noah was.

Noah... where to start with Noah... He is almost two and acts like it . He is kind of a turbo monster that is always trying to find stuff to get into! I find it rather testing! Anyone who knows me knows I lack terribly in the patience area... I know it. He is fun though and funny. He thinks he is a comedian. As I sit here typing about how much of a comedian he is he is saying "num num num nummy num..." He just ate. Half the time I catch him picking his nose( oOh the joys of boys)
He is a Daddies boy. He will stand at our front window and say " Daahhh dahhh!" It makes me feel like chopped liver but hey as long as daddy feels good ...right?

Lets talk about peaceful Axel .... (Axel means "father of peace") He is really a happy,content and wants snuggles all the time kind of baby. I am not a big fan of Co-Sleeping. But because he is soo cuddly it is hard to get him to sleep when he doesn't want to be! He is a smiley little guy... my favourite BIG gummy smiles!

Photography Blog

Strictly For my Photography!
(Thanks Michelle for the idea!)



Axel William James
April 28th
7:32 am

I had a super easy awesome labour( awesome meaning rewarding)
Four pushes then He was here... the nurse actually delivered

I thought Id share!

I am really falling into the mommy thing....

I am using CLOTH DIAPERS full time, I am making my own laundry detergent and growing a baby! lol!

God is showing me that I can save money and still keep myself busy... Jeremy, has been reading the bible to me.. only cause when I read out loud i get terribly nervous and talk so fast no one can understand! We have just finished reading Luke! I find it kind of ironic cause it is just before Easter!

I am still VERY pregnant.
but it is better than a sick baby!

Noah, is well busy and it is hard to say but he is getting closer and closer to the #2 age... and it shows... Mr. temper. I wish I had a picture of him having a fit.. I shall keep that in mind!

Super Hero

In my late night about two weeks ago...
I doodled this....
I was rather lonely but hey i got a pretty great picture out of it!