My life at the moment is not glamorous in the slightest. My Kids are running around like small bulldozers or bulls in a china shop. EVERYTHING  I do is quickly undone by wild animals that are laughing like the hyenas off of the Lion King. So within all this chaos I am sitting here blogging instead of washing dishes or doing laundry.

The last week or so has been a great challenge. I feel down and I am not sure if its from utter loneliness or missing my husband... BUT I AM IN A FUNK!  I Miss FRIENDS that I could be in my grubbiest clothes a look like a slob. I miss having friends that love me for all my flaws. Making new friends takes time and I want friends! I want Play dates.... AND I AM TO UNDER CAFFEINATED TO BE A MOM.... WHY DO I LIVE SOMEWHERE THAT HAS NO COFFEE?????  Someone should make one of those little pictures that has a cheeky remark on it ....
Like " Why do I live somewhere that has no Starbucks??"

Throughout the  Lack of coffee and lack of people in our newly established life.  I find peace knowing that Jesus is here and I am never alone. My friend who recently moved to Canada from Mexico told me that I am never alone ;it was exactly what I needed to hear.

 "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."
1Corinthians 13:7 ESV



We are getting a gold fish... Or more like being given. Aunty and uncle are moving far away(o.k. Only like 5 hrs.) to a small child that's far away. I've wanted a pet for so long; gold fish was not really what I was looking at. I am gonna roll with it. Not a huge deal since it doesn't require a ton of  care. I like to travel a cat still needs someone. I feel like this is a great start to having a new finned baby??? Since it can't be a fur baby!

Talk of the Town

Living in a small town I expected people to talk... Come on in reality we all are curious about the neighbour with the 3 kids and the husband that works away. 

 So monday I phone my mother in law and she tells me that she has something hilarious to tell me ... And that someone is telling stories... My brain is going 500 miles an hour and all I can think is " if someone is gossiping about my children running around in the nude they better realize they are children." So as time passes my in laws arrive for dinner. I needed to know... I needed to know NOW what the gossip was about me!

Get ready for it because it is rather scandalous.

Apparently  my husband leaves on Sunday and then all week I have "men" come over and visit me( what??? My father in law and the Internet guy????ALSO HOW WITH 3 kids?????) oh and mentally prepare your self for this part because its the best...I have an inflatable companion.  

By this point I am  rolling on the floor laughing because this is possibly the most obserd thing I have ever heard about myself! (I'm really not this scandalous) the best gossip is 100%untrue it's hilarious and Funny because I know deep down this elderly person was scared of the new neighbours... Whenever I see peeping into my home I wave with a large smile--- you may think I am diffrent now and that I have an inflatable lover... But I will love you even though you believe this to be true. I'm not hurt at all by this because honestly it was the funniest thing I've had happen. So I bid you a good night and I promise  no scandals to be had here.

Bucking Sheep?

I have a little boy that since we went to a rodeo(agribition) at the end of November; is obsessed with riding horses and becoming a bronc rider. As a mother I cringe at the thought of my son becoming a professional rodeo knees will be toughened from hours of praying for his safety.  

Jeremy and I have managed to convince him that maybe we should start with mutton busting(sheep riding) he says "okay but they must be bucking sheep!" Really? Would you like more risk with your life young man? 

So today Papa took N to the city and A was horribly deflated so I asked him what would you like to do? He processed to tell me how he wanted to ride horses with his Aunty Courtney. So that's what we did and he was soo happy!  His smile looked as if it may break his whole face
 So as my night comes to a
Close I ended up with two very thrilled little boys! 


 When we were living in the city my whole  view was obstructed by the fact that there were buildings and people everywhere. Since we have moved every morning I embrace the beauty of the sunrise.  Maybe that will pass after we are in summer and the sun gets up far to early for anyone to function. For now I will continue to enjoy watching the sky go from dark to light. The beautiful colours that come from it. When the sun is just Rising above the horizon and it is so orange it looks as if the whole horizon is burning up.  The pinks that the clouds shine are beyond beauty. This morning I saw the beauty of what God has created and it was splendid.


 The title of this post could not even explain in the slightest amount how much my heart broke after kissing my husband goodbye for the second time. 

This weekend was rushed. It rushed in and rushed out. It was over... He drove away and my heart shattered into a million pieces of lonely. I know I expected this-- but I didn't know my heart would be so sad. He stuck around extra late so he could help with the kids. It felt like home. Now I feel so soo deflated.  He is an amazing dad and a really lovely husband.

Still Nursing

So I've been nursing my little lady for 13 months my goal was a year. There has been moments of "oh this is wonderful" 
To " I am going to get rid of my boobs"! Overall I am glad I've nursed this long and still am going strong!  Let's look at the pros and cons of this very challenging yet rewarding journey I've been on.


• being the only one who can feed that brand new little baby!  Haha I don't have to share and let you rub all your germs all over my small baby. Keep you tiny little Germs from contaminating my small human.

•I need a break from visiting... Oh the babies hungry I'll be right back.
20 minuets later the baby is sleeping and I've been laying in bed watching YouTube for the last 15 minuets. 

• I love the idea of not spending money on formula and bottles. Milk on tap.... My milk shake brings all the babies to the yard(or my lap)


• Okay so maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be to not have anyone else be able to feed the baby... Major problem * in the bath-- baby cries and oh yeah I am the only one who can deal with little miss squawky pants* 

•  supper is ready?! Wahoo I'm famished!!!! *waaahh wahhhhh* 20 minuets later--- supper is cold my family is fed.  Lucky me I get to eat alone and a cold meal. 

• SLEEP? I think this comes with any bottle or breastfed baby... WHAT IS SLEEP?  Getting up to feed the baby in the night can be utterly torturous. I am so tired of being tired. Little missy doesn't seem bothered by it.

At the end of the day I could continuously  talk about my qualms with nursing these last 13 months. My darling daughter is healthy, happy and growing. So pros and or cons life is constantly changing and she doesn't get up 5 times anymore and I get to enjoy her wanting snuggles. Overall I wouldn't change any of this last 13 months because it was worth it.